Paul Drexler's Resume

Who is pfd?

Pfd Studios, in Marlborough, Connecticut, is Paul F. Drexler and his wife Ellen, who together produce some of the most unique, custom cues/art available in the world today.


Young Paul, still years away from producing his first cue, was introduced to fine woodworking by his grandfather, a custom cabinet maker from Holland. After receiving both his bachelor and master degrees in business, Paul began a career in the financial world only to quickly move into the computer/software arena. Ultimately, The corporate environment proved less than satisfying, prompting Paul to search for a more fulfilling profession.

As an undergraduate in college, he worked as a billiard table mechanic, setting up, restoring, and repairing antique billiard tables. Graduate school saw Paul managing an art gallery that specialized in custom framing, while still finding time to build Corvettes for the GT Circuit. These combined experiences were the catalyst that ultimately led to a more creative opportunity in business, "cue making."

Paul's craft progressed slowly, building and repairing a handful of cues for friends. The turning point in his career revolved around a meeting with master cuemaker Bert Schrager from California. Bert shared some of his knowledge and experience, which gave Paul the insight and confidence to make his dreams of being a full-time cuemaker a reality.


Creativity and a commitment to excellence is the driving force behind every pfd cue. "It takes no more effort to create a cue from the very best materials than from those that are only average." Paul's use of high quality exotic hardwoods, precious metals, gemstones and ivory combine to make his cues truly works of art. Each cue is collaboration between Paul and the client, resulting in the unusual designs pfd Studios has become known for, little wonder that "different by design" has become his mantra.

Milestone Cues Year Client
"The Hustler Cue" 2003 Charitable Auction - NYC
"Comanche Dancers" 2002 Cheng Collection - Los Angeles, CA
"Mermaid Cue" 2001 Smithsonian Museum - Washington, D.C.
"The Knight Series" 2000 Asprey's - London (now in Cheng collection)
"F-1 Ferrari Set" 1999 Asprey's - London (private collection)
"Polo Ponies" 1998 Sultan of Brunei