Paul Drexler & PFD Studio

Paul Drexler


Paul Drexler began making cues in 1989 as a result of his desire to own a very special cue.

He is proud of his cues for their integration of sound construction techniques and unique designs, featuring exotic materials.

The keys to a good-hitting cue, according to Paul, are solid construction, high-grade materials, and attention to detail.

Paul's grandfather, a master cabinet maker from Holland, taught him the fine art of woodworking.

PFD Studios

A.K.A. pfd Custom Cues is a dedicated husband and wife team, Paul and Ellen Drexler, working together to create cues with the finest craftsmanship, style, and function available.

They look especially for those accidents of nature which produce the rare and special woodgrains. These rich natural colors and grain patterns have become one of the trademarks of pfd Custom Cues.

"As a professional craftsman, my greatest satisfaction is achieved by combining beauty and function to create cues that will excite everyone....from casual players to world champions."

"If your desire is to own a cue that has a solid, consistent hit, and is custom crafted to your specifications, you have come to the right place. We look forward to hearing from you."

Paul F. Drexler