PFD Studios Honors and Awards

1994 Inclusion in Billiard Encyclopedia by Victor Stein & Paul Rabino

1994 Inclusion in Blue Book of Cues by Brad Simpson

1995 Featured in “Hand of the Masters” Cue Calendar

1996 Featured in “The Art of the American Cuemakers” calendar

1996 Cover of “All About Pool” magazine - February

1997 Featured in “Exotic Cue Buying Guide”

1997 Featured in The Art of American Cuemakers” calandar

1997 December cover of “All About Pool” magazine

1999 Invitation to display at Gallery of American Cue Art – NYC Athletic Club

2001 Featured in “The Art of American Cuemakers” calendar

2003 Featured on WGBY Television program “Making it Here”

2004 Featured in “Pool Cues” calendar

2004 Created “The Hustler Cue” for Paul Newman to benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

2008 First cuemaker invited to display at SOFA - Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

2009 Dragon Cue voted “Peoples Choice” ICCS event Santa Fe, New Mexico

2013 25th Anniversary Cue voted “Collectors Choice” ICCS event Atlanta, Georgia

2014 25th Anniversary Cue voted “Cue of the Year” on AZ Billiards Forum