Standard Specifications &
Custom Options

Feature Standard
Tip Lepro® or Triangle® Moori®, Chandivert, G-2, Kamui
Tip Diameter 13mm 8mm to 14mm
Ferrule Ivorine 3, Aegis Ivory or Micarta®
Shaft Wood Maple Old Growth Maple, Ash, Purpleheart, Predator®, OB
Joint Pin Stainless Steel Radial® SS & Titanium 5/16 x 14, Uni-Loc®, G-10 Radial®, 3/8 x 10
Joint Material Stainless Steel or Phenolic Ivory, Titanium, Micarta
Type of Points Flat bottomed V-Bottom, Veneered, Butterfly
Wrap Irish Linen Leather, Cork, Exotic Skins
Butt Cap Phenolic Ivory
Finish Two-part catalyzed urethane or UV curable Hard Oil (Recommended for restoration of vintage cues)
Length 58" 56" to 62"
Balance 18" from butt cap As desired
Shaft Taper Custom parabolic taper Pro, Carom (Billiard), Modified European taper
Number of shafts Two As desired
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